Military/Camo Camps

Outdoor Education

Problem Solving

Developing Life Skills

What’s the Camo Camp?

Our Camo Camp aims to provide an outdoor educational experience to local  children with the aim of empowering the child to develop life skills which are grounded by a blend of military and sporting values.

The camp provides a fun, challenging yet safe environment and children will work as part of a team whilst enhancing their problem solving skills with a strong emphasis on resilience and respectful relationships.

We are flexible and can adapt the content of the camp depending on the client’s venue, facilities and available outdoor space – please contact us to find out more.

Shelter Building

Using resources found in the local woods, children are given the opportunity to use their creative, physical and emotional skills to design and build a shelter.  Working as part of a team this activity encourages children to develop team building skills, resourcefulness  and co-operation whilst learning about the importance of the natural environment around them.


Fun and Games

A wide variety of fun activities are scheduled throughout the day.  Our popular fun & games activities include ‘Capture the Flag’, ‘River Run’, ‘BB-Gun Range’ and ‘NERF War’. All activities are fully supervised by at least one member of J. Heald Coaching and one military personnel.



Exercises are devised and run by our team of active duty military personnel.  They are designed to challenge the children in a fun yet safe environment.  Exercises include but are not limited to : Dam Building, Orienteering, Assault Course, Command Tasks & Shooting Range,  Fire Making with Marshmallows, Equipment Race & First Aid Training.